Custom Curriculum

A Day in The Life Of Our Students

Our belief is that providing your child with a fun and well thought out curriculum emphasizing early learning core concepts is an essential component to help make learning more instinctive and is essential for their balanced, early development. We love to nurture the emotional development, academic, and social skills your child needs to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. Our students will be able to read 3-4 letter words before entering kindergarten.

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Development of the following skills on a weekly basis: social-emotional, reading/language arts, early math, science, fine arts, social studies, physical movement, technology, and healthy living. Aligned with state and national early childhood education standards

Our day care includes:

  • Secure classroom and designated nap time resting spots
  • Identification and advanced notification is required by each parent if they anticipate sending to us an unfamiliar visitor to pick-up their child.  If multiple people are alternated or utilized for pick-up, we will closely arrange and monitor those arrangements.
  • Curriculum that prepares children for lifelong learning
  • Creating Well-Rounded Children With Character
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Building Healthy Habits for a Healthy Future
  • Physical Fitness: 1-2 hours of safe physical activity
  • Healthy Food: Nutritious home cooked meals, often served with fresh fruit or vegetables.
  • Beverages: Water and restriction of sugar-sweetened drinks. Milk, whole, low-fat or non-fat