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“Ms. Lumin is very kind, and warm, and caring.  She’s like everyone’s favorite grandmother.  She has lots of experience with children having raised 5 of her own and was a Montessori teacher in the past.  She draws from all different areas of learning and utilizes songs, playing, circle time, and lesson time to teach the little ones.

My husband and I are so grateful to have found Lumin. Not only is she a warm, generous and welcoming person, but she has both personal and professional experience in handling children. (She’s a mother of 5 grown children and a former Montessori pre-school teacher.) Whenever I stop by her house, the kids are happy, involved in regularly scheduled activities and well-behaved.

She has a structured day for the children which includes circle time and an early start lesson.  There are also lots of educational activities and toys in a clean environment.   (She washes the toys and vacuums all the time.)   She also provides healthy snacks and lunch.  What more could I possibly ask for? ”

“Lumin is a former Montessori preschool teacher and mother of 5 grown children. What is so appealing about her (and what I continue to marvel at) is how buoyant and welcoming she is when we arrive at 7:30 in the morningEVERY morning! Cute little songs are always playing in the room and the TV is never on (for the record, I’m not anti-TV –I grew up on lots of it– but I am a believer that it does not belong in a daycare). ”

“Emma LOVES Lumin and her playmates. Lumin takes babies 0-1 year and kids up to 6 years. Right now, the eldest is 5 and will be leaving for school this summer; it’s nice to know Emma can stay there through that age instead of moving to a preschool because Lumin teaches preschool curriculum to the older kids. The younger ones are exposed to it of course, and we see how quickly Emma has learned her ABC’s counting, learning songs and movementit’s really cool.”

“I feel so grateful that Lumin has introduced Emma to preschool learning because she is soaking it up like a sponge. Best of all, our daughter looks forward to her days there and has many giggles left for mommy and daddy when we come to pick her up. Thanks to her daily naps and healthy meals, we get these consistently. : )”